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"Seattle-Based Youryoungbody debuts their new LP Devotion today, May 10. It’s their first major release since their 2016 EP Betrayer, and it has been well worth the wait for fans of the duo. Bandmates Killian Brom and Duh Cripe have created a sharp, polished gem that glitters in its own darkness, much like their past work."
- T.S. Flock, Vanguard Seattle

“Youryoungbody’s music is unapologetically dark. Killian Brom composes complex and catchy electronic melodies while Duh Cripe’s ethereal voice, impeccable style, and magnetic stage presence make every Youryoungbody show a force to be reckoned with.” - TuFfest

"Youryoungbody's supercharged sensuousness and powerfully dance-ready beats should move reluctant Northwest bodies onto the floor with ease. These are the sort of intense, throbbing electronic pulses that propel with a dark and fleshly insistence, stimulating even the most fun-averse to flail rhythmically." - The Stranger

“The duo of Killian Brom and Duh Cripe mine the emotive, rain-swept strains of '80s dance, goth, and synth pop for a familiar though exceedingly well-produced trip down nostalgic avenues.” - KYLE FLECK

“YYB’s discography spans four EPs, a demo EP, and almost too many singles to count. Self-described as ‘dark electronic’, their work ranges from hour-long club mixes to synthy dream pop. In addition to their music, the duo has been dedicated to redefining the Seattle electronic scene.“ - Anna Kaplan

“After the show, my friend Jed said Youryoungbody are ‘kind of like if Beach House and the Knife got together and Netflix and chilled to Stranger Things.’ I agree.” - CHASE BURNS

Youryoungbody will have your heart beating in time with their life giving music… Youryoungbody feel like a band ready to take over the entire world” - The DMNW Team

“Duh Cripe’s voice and Killian Brom sensurround style approach to all-engulfing atmospheric production… have all encompassed the ominous allure of every latent unsettled feeling and fear that gingerly rests in the almost dormant sleeper cells of our collective unconsciousness.  - Impose Magazine